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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "shelled" and "inshell?"
"Shelled" means the shell has been removed.  "Inshell" means the shell is still on.

Would you be willing to ship a gift order to a different address from mine? 
We would love to ship a gift order for you!  Gift wrap is not available, but we include a hand-written gift card with your brief message on it.  We do not include packing slips.

Do you use cold packs?
We do not use cold packs.  We ship most chocolate items from October through April only.  Nuts and dried fruit tend to be pretty durable.  However, if you live where the temperatures get very hot, you might choose to have us ship your order to a work address or other address where someone will be available to receive the package. 

When should I order Jordan almonds for my wedding?
Jordan almonds stay fresh for months if they are kept cool and dry.  They do not melt, and we ship them year-round.  We recommend that you order up to two months before your wedding.  That way, you will have the freshest ones available, but still have time for shipping making favors.

What additives do you use in your nut butters?
We use no additives, except salt where noted.  We add no oil, no sugar, no fillers, etc.  When roasted nuts are used, the nuts have been dry roasted, with no added oil.

What temperature do your raw nut butters reach when being ground?
We do not monitor the temperature, but we realize that it may be over the limit some consumers have for a strict raw food diet.  We use raw nuts and make the butters in small batches.


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