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Our almond butter is like no other.  We use the freshest, sweetest almond variety: nonpariel (the word literally means "unrivaled" in French).  Our nut butter contains roasted and salted California-grown almonds. Roasting nuts is like making toast-- you set the toaster for light, medium, or dark toast.  Other almond butters are dark brown in color because of how harshly the almonds have been roasted, which is comparible to dark toast.  We roast our own almonds in order to achieve a medium roast and preserve the delicious natural taste of the almonds.  Our almond butter contains no added ingredients, except for salt in our Roasted & Salted option.


Each jar contains one pound of creamy almond butter, made fresh when you order.


Note: We do not process peanuts on the same equipment; however, we do process peanuts in the same workroom.  



Storage: For best results, refrigeration is recommended.  Typical shelf life is 6 months.

Almond Butter

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